Howell Lewis

Howell Lewis
Watercolor on Ivory
in gilded locket case
by William and George Richardson
Richmond, Virginia
Gift of Miss Nancy Newell and
Miss Priscilla Newell, 1991
The youngest son of Fielding and Betty Lewis, Howell was just four years old when the Lewises moved into their beautiful new home in 1775. He was educated for a time at Andover Academy in Massachusetts and briefly served as overseer of Mount Vernon during George Washington's presidency.

The interior of the locket bears the inscription "Mr. Wm. Geo. Richardson/Richmond/1795." William and George Richardson worked in Richmond as silversmiths, creating jewelry, accessories, and tea and tableware. The brothers became prominent and influential citizens active in the local government. The year they made this locket was the year Howell married Ellen Hackley Pollard in Richmond.