Preschool Programs

Girl with quill penThese group workshops (minimum, 10 children) are interactive and hands-on. Programs are available Monday through Friday and each lasts approximately 1 hour.

Advanced registration is required.

To schedule a program, please call
(540) 370-0732 x24

Note: Some workshops can also be conducted at preschool facilities. The cost is $5.50 per child. Also, please note, these workshops are for groups. Summer Explorer Programs are available for individuals in June, July, and August.

Ferry Farm Workshops

Corn, Canoes, and Buffalo Fur ~ George Washington wasn't the first person to walk on the land at Ferry Farm. Archaeology has revealed fascinating American Indian artifacts. Children learn about Indian culture through crafts, music, and games.
(Ages 4-5) Available all year.

George Washington and the 18th Century ~ Through crafts and play, children learn about George Washington's life at the family farm. They experience some of the things young Washington would have done in the 1700s. (Ages 4-5) Available all year.

Gingerbread Fun ~ Combine a guided children’s tour of the Ferry Farm Gingerbread House Exhibit with hands-on crafts, cookie decorating, and story time. (Ages 4-5)
Available weekdays in December.

Historic Kenmore Workshops

History Through the Arts ~ This is a sensory, pre-school tour of the 18th century through art, music, dance, and theater. Children will enjoy crafts, dancing, and many other fun activities as they use their five senses to learn about life in the 1700s.
(Ages 4-5) Available all year.


To schedule a program, please call (540) 370-0732 or email