With grateful thanks for the work of the members of the Stafford Board of Supervisors and the George Washington Boyhood Home Foundation whose efforts to save Ferry Farm laid the foundation for its permanent protection.

Robert H. Abplanalp
Ruth W. Ball
Alvin Y. Bandy
Paul W. Bateman
Ferris M. Belman, Sr.
Donald S. Beyer, Jr.
W. Glenn Campbell
William F. Dohr
John D. Hagner
John F. Herrity
Cecelia S. Howell

Dean Kaman
Woodrow D. Marriott
Richard T. McCormack
David L. Peebles
Richard F. Powell
Raymond K. Price

Lyle Ray Smith
Richard Norton Smith
Richard G. Trefry
Ronald H. Walker
C. M. Williams, Jr.

County Administrator