Frequently Asked Policy Questions

Q: What is the Foundation's Photo/Video Policy?

A: There are three policies:

  1. for guests on tours
  2. for engagement, wedding, graduation photos, etc.
  3. for commercial photography/videography used in publications

1. At Kenmore, guests are welcome to record their visit with personal photographs and/or video on the grounds and in the kitchen dependency during our regular operating hours, however, photography/video is not allowed in the Bissell Gallery or inside the mansion.

At Ferry Farm, photographs/video may be taken anywhere on the grounds or in buildings open to visitors during our regular operating hours.

Aerial photography, and, in general, the operation of a drone, is prohibited at both Kenmore and Ferry Farm.

Photographs/video taken for personal use at either site may not be used for any commercial purpose such as (but not limited to) publication in a magazine without express written permission from The George Washington Foundation. Contact information.

2. Photography and filming for engagement and wedding photos, graduation photos, etc, requires a permit and prior approval. This policy applies even if the photos/videos will not be published or otherwise used commercially. This policy applies to both professional and non-professional photographers/videographers. Photography for weddings, graduations, etc, are restricted to the grounds only - no photographs may be made in any interior spaces. If your needs fall into this category, please email your request to Please supply information about the dates/times, type of photoshoot, and number of subjects in the party.

3. Commercial photography/videography for publication requires a permit and prior approval. Photography and filming may take place in interior spaces as well as on the grounds. The photographer must be accompanied by a staff member during filming in any interior spaces. If your needs fall into this category, please email your request to Please supply information about the dates/times, type of photoshoot/video, and the publication or media where the photos/video will appear.

Once your project is approved, please download and complete the filming permit application (Word format) (PDF Format). The completed application may be mailed or emailed to the Foundation (addresses are on the form). If the application is mailed, please include a check for the $100, non-refundable application fee. If the form is emailed, please use our Pay Now button below to pay the $100 non-refundable application fee using PayPal.

Q: How will photographs taken by a Foundation staff photographer at an event be used?

A: A staff photographer is usually present at most events. Photos taken by the staff photographer at these events may be used by the Foundation for marketing and promotional purposes. Your attendance at the event implies permission for the Foundation to use these photos and the Foundation owns the copyright for all such photos.

Q: Can I use images from your website? Do you have higher-resolution versions?

A: The entire content of the website is copyrighted and no text or images may be used without written permission. Some website images are available in higher resolutions and other images than those seen on the website may also be available. A fee for their use and/or reproduction may apply. Please contact The George Washington Foundation by sending an email request to

Q: Do you allow weddings and/or receptions at Kenmore and/or Ferry Farm?

A: No. At this time, weddings and receptions are not allowed at either site. Please also see the information above about wedding-related photography and filming.

Q: Do you allow dogs at Kenmore and/or Ferry Farm?

A: Policies vary at each site:

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