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George Washington's Ferry Farm Photos

Ferry Farm Aerial View Ferry Farm with Pink Dogwood
FF-01 FF-02
Archaeologists at Ferry Farm Young archaeologists at Ferry Farm
FF-03 FF-04
Boy and girl with quill pens Civil War Encampment


Sack Race during July 4th Celebration
FF-07 FF-08
Tree and fence at Ferry Farm Civil War Soldiers
FF-09 FF-10


Historic Kenmore Photos

Historic Kenmore - West elevation in the Spring Historic Kenmore - West Front with dogwoods
KP-01 KP-02
Kenmore - West Elevation Kenmore East Elevation
KP-03 KP-04
Historic Kenmore West Elevation Kenmore - East elevation in the Fall
KP-05 KP-06
Girl in kitchen Colonial food in the Kenmore Kitchen
KP-07 KP-08
Chamber ceiling at Historic Kenmore Drawing Room ceiling at Historic Kenmore
KP-09 KP-10
The Chamber in Historic Kenmore The Passage in Historic Kenmore
KP-11 KP-12
Magnolia at Kenmore
KP-13 KP-14