The Lewis Family

The Lewises were a prominent and wealthy family in Gloucester County, Virginia. Fielding moved to Fredericksburg as a young man, in 1746, to learn the business of running his father's store, which he inherited in 1754 upon his father's death. As a planter and importer/exporter, Fielding became wealthy in his own right. He started construction of the new Lewis mansion (which would only be named Kenmore many years later) in 1769 and the family moved into the house in the fall of 1775.

Fielding LewisFielding Lewis - builder of Kenmore

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The following list of publications may be of use in researching the Lewis family and their genealogy:

There is also a debate amongst Lewis relatives over who the immigrant ancestor of the family was. Sorley claims it was Robert Lewis. Subsequent evidence indicates it may have been John Lewis. Otherwise, the book does a very good job of tracking the Lewises' complicated genealogy.