John Lewis II

Fielding Lewis' grandfather

Excerpted from Lewis of Warner Hall by Merrow Egerton Sorley

"Councilor" John Lewis inherited from his father the Chemokins estate in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA. His father had made this estate his principal place of residence and it was also the first home of Col. John and Elizabeth Warner Lewis after their marriage about 1692. At a meeting of the Vestry on January 5, 1695, John Lewis was elected a Vestryman for St. Peter's Parish and his name appears as such at no less than 14 Vestry meetings between this date and June, 1791. By 1702, John Lewis had "departed this county", presumably making the move to Warner Hall, which his wife, Elizabeth Warner, inherited at the death of her brother Robert.

Councilor John Lewis was perhaps the wealthiest Virginian of his day. His land holdings included 2,000 acres in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester, 300 acres in York County, 2,600 acres in New Kent County, and several grants in King and Queen County, the largest of which was for 10,100 acres. The 2,600 acres in New Kent County represents the exact size of the Chemokins estate. He held a commission in the Virginia militia as some of the baptismal records of his children refer to him as Capt. John Lewis. He rose to Colonel Commandant of the militia of Gloucester County and most of the records of the 18th century accord him that title.

In 1704, Col. John Lewis was appointed a member of the Council along with his brother-in-law, John Smith of "Purton". He continued on the Council for the rest of his life. The end of his life in 1725/6 marks the end of an era in the Lewis history. Thenceforward, the history of the entire family is not so closely bound up with the vicinity of Warner Hall. While many of its members continued to reside in this home and nearby localities for several generations, descendants moved over the whole of Virginia and, eventually, throughout the southern states.

Elizabeth Warner

She brought into the Lewis family not only the ancestral lines of Martiau, Reade, and Warner, but also the ownership of Warner Hall itself. She had 14 children in all, with the names of nine being known. Their baptismal records are in the Abingdon Parish Register.

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