The Meriwether Lewis Connection

Meriwether Lewis, famed explorer of the Louisiana Purchase (Lewis and Clark Expedition), was a first cousin, once removed to Fielding Lewis. "Once removed" means one generation apart. As shown by the chart below, Meriwether Lewis' father and Fielding Lewis were first cousins. Meriwether Lewis was one generation removed from Fielding.

Abbreviated chart of the Lewis family tree

The terms "first cousin, once removed" and "second cousin" are often confused. Second cousins are in the same generation. Meriwether Lewis and Fielding Lewis' children were second cousins. Second cousins have the same great-grandparents.

See also the Washington and Lewis Connection. Meriwether Lewis was a second cousin, once removed of George Washington.

To learn more about Meriwether Lewis and his expedition, visit the Smithsonian website.

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