Robert Lewis

Fielding's great-great grandfather

Excerpted from Lewis of Warner Hall by Merrow Egerton Sorley

Gen Robert Lewis was born in Brecon, Wales, about 1605. He married in 1630 emigrated in 1635. His son John was born in Monmouthshire, Wales, which is the adjoining county just south of Brecon. His son William, known as Maj. William Lewis, bought the 2600 acre New Kent County plantation, "Chemokins", from Col. John West on January 20, 1656

Robert Lewis' wife, Mary, had two children by a previous marriage to a Mr. Jones — a son Henry and a daughter Ann, who married a Mr. Holman. When Henry Jones died without issue, he left his estate to his half-sisters Mary and Alice Lewis and Ann Holman.

In York County, in 1644, Robert Lewis was one of the nine men "fined 200 lbs. of tobacco each for not rendering to the court their account as guardians" (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol 17, p. 211). The York records also contained the inventory of one Thomas Smalcombe, which is dated March 10, 1646, and shows the deceased as indebted to Robert Lewis in the sum of 100 lbs. of tobacco (Ibid., Vol 17, p. 104). The inventory was received by the court on June 16, 1646. Another reference to Robert Lewis in the York records is under the date of July 25, 1646, when he and John Hansford were appointed by the court to make a census of Hampton Parish - to "take a p'fect list of all the tytheable p'sons in ye s'd sev'rall p'ish, as alsoe of all cowes of three years old, horses, mares & geldings of three years old and upwards, sheep & goates", etc.; Nicholas Martiau was one of the five members of the court sitting on this occasion.

On September 30, 1656, a court for York County was held at the house of Col. Nathaniel Bacon for the auditing and perfecting of the accounts of Robert Lewis, deceased - the accounts kept by Capt. Ralph Langley, who had married Robert Lewis' widow, "administratrix Mary Lewis". At this court, guardians were appointed for two minor children of Robert Lewis, though nothing is said in the records about any children who may have attained majority. The two minor children were Mary Lewis (who was made a ward of Capt. Ralph Langley, her stepfather), and Alice Lewis (who was given into the care of Capt. Thomas Ramsey). At the same time, the court settled on these children, 500 acres of land on Poropotank Creek, in Gloucester County, which Robert Lewis had purchased of one John King.

There is a tombstone on the Lewis property adjacent to Isabella Miller Lewis Yard's tombstone of a John Lewis who was born in England and "died 21th of August 1657 aged 63 years; the anagram of his name: I shew no ill". This is probably a brother of Robert. He patented 250 acres of land close to Robert Lewis in 1653 in Gloucester County. He received 50 acres for each of the persons whose emigration he financed: himself, his wife Lydia, sons William, Edward, and John Lewis, Jr. This land was along Poropotank Creek, opposite the land Robert owned.

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