John Washington and His Descendants

Generation 1:

John Washington was born about 1631 in Purleigh, Essex, England and died in 1677 in Westmoreland Co., VA. He married Anne Pope, daughter of Nathaniel Pope , at The Cliffs, Westmoreland, Co., VA in in 1658.


Generation 2:

Lawrence Washington was born in 1659 at Bridges Creek in Westmoreland, Co., VA and died in 1698 at Bridges Creek in Westmoreland, Co., VA. He married Mildred Warner, daughter of Augustine Warner, about 1686, at Warner Hall, Gloucester Co., VA.


Generation 3:

Augustine Washington was born about 1694 at Bridges Creek in Westmoreland, Co., VA and died in 1743 Fredericksburg, VA. In 1715, he married Jane Butler, daughter of Caleb Butler of Westmoreland Co., VA. Together, they had four children. After Jane's death in 1729, Augustine married, in 1731, Mary Ball of Epping Forest, Lancaster Co., VA. Together, they had six children.

Children (by Jane):

Children (by Mary):

Generation 4:

George Washington was born 1732 at Pope's Creek in Westmoreland Co., VA and died 1799 at Mount Vernon. In 1759, he married Martha Dandridge Custis, widow of Daniel Parke Custis. Although Martha had two children by her marriage to Daniel Parke Custis (John, called Jacky, and Martha, called Patsy), she and George had none of their own.


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