Lawrence Washington

George Washington's Grandfather

John Washington's eldest son, Lawrence, born in 1659, inherited the Mattox Creek property from his father. At that time, the property was about 1,850 acres in size. He also inherited another property farther up the Potomac River known as Little Hunting Creek, about 2,500 acres in size.

Lawrence was educated in England and trained as a lawyer. He appears to have been more interested in politics and the law than in planting — he added only a small amount of acerage to his holdings by the time of his death in 1698 at the age of 37.

Lawrence married Mildred Warner, one of the three daughters and heiresses of Augustine Warner of Gloucester Co., VA. After Augustine's death, Warner Hall passed to his eldest daughter, Elizabeth, who was married to John Lewis. Mildred and Lawrence had three children - John (the eldest), Augustine, and Mildred.

After Lawrence's death, his widow married George Gale, who moved the family to Whitehaven on the west coast of England. She died there in 1701 after a difficult childbirth.

After Mildred's death, Lawrence's cousin, John Washington, successfully petitioned the courts for guardianship of the children and returned them to Virginia in 1704. They lived with him for several years on Chotank Creek, near the western border of Westmoreland Co. As guardian, John was given full use of the land inherited by the children.

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