The Second Floor

The second-floor hallway.There are four rooms on the second floor, similar in size to the downstairs rooms, with the upstairs passage running the width of the house. For the second floor, the probate inventory lists four beds, a wash basin and bottle, numerous old and inexpensive chairs, several tables, maps, blankets, mattresses, and a couch. The inventory does not separate these furnishings by room, so their arrangement in the four rooms and passage remains uncertain. However, the inventory does show that the Lewises used the upstairs for sleeping, bathing, sitting, and storage. Undoubtedly, the Lewis children, grandchildren, other family members, guests, and perhaps servants, used these chambers.

Second floor bed chamber In the 18th century, there was no concept of people "possessing" bed chambers so these rooms were not arranged for a particular individual. Those using the rooms would change as circumstances changed: guests arrived, an invalid needed a sick room, or cold weather forced people to gather for warmth. One frequent guest at the Lewis home was George Washington for he and Colonel Lewis were business partners, political allies, and military comrades, in addition to being brothers-in-law and second cousins.

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