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Mary Washington Article

An informative article about Mary Washington, by GWF Artifacts Analyst Laura Galke, recently appeared in the Free Lance-Star.

Ferry Farm Artifacts Analyst Presents at Small Finds Symposium

Laura Galke, Artifacts Analyst at Ferry Farm, presented a well-attended lecture at a small finds symposium on Feb., 18th. As the program flyer indicates,

"Small finds give us a window into daily lives, from the very wealthy to the indentured and enslaved. Interpretation of these artifacts can reveal more intimate details of their lives than the written record offers."

Digitized Ferry Farm Artifacts Used in Demonstration

On Friday, February 15, 2013, team members from the Virtual Curation Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) traveled to Clover Hill High School in Midlothian, Virginia, to demonstrate some results from VCU's virtual curation efforts to students from two history classes: Honors US History and Historical Research and Technology. The demonstration, led by Bernard K. Means, Project Director, included digital images of artifacts from Ferry Farm. Read more on the VCU blog.

Refurnishing Section of website

The Rooms at Kenmore Refurnishing Project
The Curator at Kenmore continues to keep visitors up to date with the ongoing blog, refurnishing of Kenmore.