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The George Washington Foundation is pleased to offer these selections from the gift shops at Historic Kenmore and Washington's Ferry Farm.

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Ferry Farm Cherry Punch Bowl

Ferry Farm Cherry Punch Bowl

This exclusive Ferry Farm Cherry Punch Bowl was inspired by several enameled creamware ceramic fragments excavated from the cellar at the Washington house site. When mended, they formed a punch bowl termed a “sneaker,” which would have been passed from person to person, with each one taking a drink. The original bowl dates to the period 1765-1772, the later years of Mary Washington’s time at Ferry Farm. The bowl was likely manufactured in England by the Cockpit Hill pottery in Derby, as indicated by its distinctive vertical crazing and cherry accents. The reproduction bowl measures approximately 7-1/4” across the top and 3-1/4” deep. Enjoy with punch for a festive occasion or use as a decorative accent.

Ferry Farm Cherry Punch Bowl - WS460 - $85.00

Gingerbread Notecard

Note Cards - Set of 6 with the above image on the front and the recipe for Mary Washington's gingerbread on the back.
WS393 - $8.95

For decades, the Kenmore kitchen served tea and gingerbread to our guests. Returning visitors often share fond memories of enjoying these treats. Now, you can share them with friends and family from your kitchen.

Tea and Gingerbread Gift Basket

Tea and Gingerbread Gift Basket - basket contains a 4-oz. bag of Kenmore tea and a 1-lb. bag of Kenmore gingerbread mix. (Tea available separately below.)
WS391 - $20.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

Kenmore Gingerbread Mix – developed from Mary Washington’s recipe. 1-lb. bag.
WS392 - $7.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

Tea and Tea Wares

Three Teas

These tea have been specially blended for the George Washington Foundation by Perfect To A Tea, LLC. All three are available as caffeinated teas. The Gingerbread Tea is also available decaffeinated.

Kenmore Tea - 4 oz, premium blend loose tea - WS315 - $15.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

Gingerbread Tea - 4 oz, premium blend loose tea - WS438 - $15.00

Limited supply - please call for availability.

Gingerbread Tea - Decaffeinated - 4 oz, premium blend loose tea - WS441 - $18.00

Limited supply - please call for availability.

Ferry Farm Tea - 4 oz, premium blend loose tea - WS437 - $15.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

Tea Utensils

1 - Mesh Tea Infuser, stainless steel, makes 1 cup - WS383 - $5.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

2 - Tropical shell pincer spoon tea infuser, stainless steel - WS323 - $5.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

3 - Tea Egg, Georgian style with drip tray, stainless steel - WS324 - $5.00

4 - Tea measuring scoop (for one cup), stainless steel - WS388 - $5.00

5 - Tea measuring scoop (for one pot - 3-4 cups), stainless steel - WS385 - $6.00

Not shown - Set of three tea measuring scoops (for 1 cup, 2 cups, & 3-4 cups) - WS387 - $14.00

Also, not shown:

T-sac, size 1 - paper tea filter, up to 2-cup capacity, 100/box - WS326 - $8.00

T-sac, size 2 - paper tea filter, up to 4-cup capacity, 100/box - WS326 - $8.00

Sizes (Size 1 is currently out of stock)

New Item - Pine Needle Baskets

Pine Needle Baskets
Enlarge Image

These baskets were hand woven by Lee Sliger, a member of the Patawomeck Indians of Virginia, using needles harvested in the White Oak community of Stafford County, Virginia.

The Patawomeck Indians were historically among the first Indian tribes that encountered the European and English settlers who came to America. At the time of Virginia's first explorations, they were an Algonquian-speaking tribe, allied with the Powhatan Nation of Virginia.

The ancestral-based Patawomeck Indian Tribe numbers over 500, most of whom live within 10 miles of the tribe’s original village. Many of the tribal members grew up living off the land and water, learning traditional skills along with modern technology. Even today, some descendants of the Patawomeck Indians continue the traditional occupations of their ancestors.

The George Washington Foundation is proud to offer products crafted of local materials by the Patawomecks. Styles vary. Please allow us to make the choice for you.

Small Pine Needle Basket - WS263 - $20.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

Large Pine Needle Basket - WS264 - $25.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

Plate and Tea Towel

Decorative plate and tea towel (sold separately) feature scenes of 15 historic sites in and around Fredericksburg. Inset photos show details. The ceramic plate measures approximately 10-1/2 inches across.

Plate and tea towel

Decorative Plate - WS321 - $55.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

Decorative Tea Towel - WS318 - $15.00

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.

Children's' Games

Childrens' Toys

1: Colonial Board Games

2: Jacob's Ladder - WS233 - $7.00

3: Cup and Ball - WS234 - $5.00;

4: Graces - WS235 - $20.00


Botanical Prints

Bluebells Print
Enlarge Image
Rose print
Enlarge Image
Botanists in the 18th century meticulously recorded the newly discovered flora and fauna of the world with pen and ink. These illustrations were copied onto printing plates by engravers. Once printed, they were brightened with hand-applied watercolors, and distributed to an audience eager to capture the wonders of the colonies across the seas.

In this tradition, James Linton Sain recorded two native Virginians – the Mary Washington Rose and the Virginia Bluebell. These two prints were first available at Kenmore in 1991 for Sain’s one-man show, "From a Virginia Garden: Botanical Watercolors of James Linton Sain". Now available once again for a limited time from our archives.

Kenmore Flower Print Set #WS222 - $12.95 (set of two prints)
Prints measure 11"x14" each and are printed on archival paper.


Betty Washington Lewis' Reproduction Earrings

Enlarge Image
In 1775, a prize possession of Betty Washington Lewis was a pair of topaz, silver, and gold Georgian earrings (View the originals). In 2003, these earrings were donated to the Foundation by Lewis descendant Rosalie (Rodie) Savage. The Foundation had them recreated as quality costume jewelry.

These reproduction earrings are made of pewter, then electroplated with a bright silver finish. Stones are crystals. The earring post is surgical steel. The earrings are lead-free/nickel-free and hypo-allergenic. $100 per pair plus tax and shipping.

WS117 - Post-style earrings - $100

WS118 - Clip-on style earrings - $100


Fielding Lewis and the Washington Family (Hardcover)

Lewis and Washington FamilyThis book by local historian, Paula Felder, chronicles 18th-century Fredericksburg and provides a detailed look at the Lewis and Washington Families. The book starts with the early history of the Washington family up to the time Mary moved into Fredericksburg from Ferry Farm. Following chapters outline the history of the influential Lewis family. The remainder of the book details the growth of Fredericksburg and the influence these two great families played on the lives of its inhabitants.

Lewis & Washington Family Book - WS134 - $34.95


Twice a Princess (Hardcover)

Always a Princess BookEmbark on a fascinating journey through history as amateur historian and author George Willis Tate presents his third book. Part biography, part history, and all adventure, the life of Catherine Willis Murat leaps from the pages of Twice A Princess like a fantasy of Scheherezade. Niece of George Washington, niece of Napoleon Bonaparte, princess consort of the Kingdom of Naples, and a princess of France, this daughter of America remained true to her southern heritage as she blazed across the pages of history with her husband, Prince Achille Murat, nephew of Napoleon and son of his greatest cavalry commander.

Twice a Princess Book - MS297 - $25.95


I Dig George - A Story of Ferry Farm

I Dig George book coverThis children's book, written by staff member Noelle Hall and illustrated by local artist Collette Caprara, tells the story of Jenny, a fourth-grade student, who aspires to be a newspaper reporter like her father. She sets out to write a story about Ferry Farm.

Besides discovering that it is the place where George Washington grew up, she learns many other interesting facts from Digger, an archaeologist groundhog, and his human sidekick, Paul. She also makes many new friends including two young groundhogs called Meadow and Forrest, and Shanna M. Squirrel. 39 pages, soft cover.

Thanks to the generosity of the author, a portion of the profits from the sale of this books will benefit The George Washington Foundation.

I Dig George book - WS106 - $8.95

Sorry - this item is currently out of stock.


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