A Big Move

A few days ago, we said a (temporary) goodbye to the walnut clothes press that has been on display in the Office.  It is headed off for conservation treatment, which will restore all of its hinges and locks to full working order, and return the piece to its original 18th century appearance.  The process of getting such a large piece out the door and into a van is challenging, to say the least.  Luckily, we know some pretty talented conservators who know what they are doing.  Here are a few shots of our morning activities:

The upper cabinet portion is removed from the lower chest of drawers base

The doors are shrink-wrapped to keep them in place during transport

The cabinet is slid on blankets over the threshold and down the passageway

Whew! Made it to the door!

No choice but to carry it at this point

Here, just hold that for a second!

And it fits (we never had any doubts)! So long, clothes press - see you soon!

Stay tuned for the clothes press’s return and a full report on what we learned about it!

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