The Regents of The George Washington Foundation

Since 1925, women from across the nation and from around the world have served as Regents of Kenmore. With the addition of Ferry Farm in 1996,  our work is even broader as we support and serve as ambassadors for the work of a larger and more diverse foundation.  The Kenmore Association was chartered in 1922, and in 1925, “State Chairmen” were appointed to help raise the money needed to purchase Kenmore and begin its first restoration. In 1929, Mrs. R. M. Littlejohn of New York proposed that these chairmen be called Regents. The leading figures in the early days were Mrs. Francis Crowninshield, whose brother Harry duPont was  assembling the Winterthur collection, and Mrs. Charles Pillsbury.

Through the years, the Regents have helped enable Kenmore to be saved and all the land in its block acquired. The first Regents’ fundraiser was an unprecedented benefit performance of Manon by the Metropolitan Opera in New York in 1929, with patrons including the Queen of Belgium and Governor and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Trips to cities nationwide hosted by Regents have been a popular form of raising funds and winning friends. Regents have provided entrées to many foundations that have supported our work. In hosting the Regents for tea at the White House, First Lady Barbara Bush (daughter-in-law of Kenmore Regent Dottie Bush) noted that no women’s group in America was more admired or had a greater record of achievement than our Regents.

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Chair: Brian Draper
Vice Chair: Tink Friedrichs Crawford
Nominating Committee Chair: Kitty Lee Wafle
Apollo Council Liaisons: Nancy Thomas and Kelsey Bryant