Guest Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

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May I go inside the houses at Kenmore and Ferry Farm on my own without taking a guided tour?
No. Only guided tours go inside the historic houses.

May I walk the grounds without paying admission?
At Kenmore, the grounds are open to the public for free during business hours.
At Ferry Farm, an admission fee is required to access the grounds.

How much time should I plan to spend at Kenmore and Ferry Farm?
A visit to Kenmore with a guided tour of the house and a walk through the gardens and museum gallery will take about 1.5 hours.
A visit to Ferry Farm with a guided tour of the house, a self-guided tour of the grounds, and a walk through the Visitor Center exhibit will take about 2.5 hours.

Are Kenmore and Ferry Farm “kid friendly”? What activities are available for kids to do?
Kenmore presents a fascinating, although a bit more traditional, historic house tour.  The house’s ornate decorative plasterwork inspires awe in just about everyone.  Kenmore’s Hands-On-History Lab, an exhibit produced by local 4th graders, is a highly interactive look at the lives of colonial children created by children for children.  There is no additional charge to visit the Hands-On History Lab. Simply let the staff know that you would like to see the lab.

At Ferry Farm, the tour of the Washington house replica is a hands-on experience that will fascinate all ages.  Visitors may sit on reproduction 18th century chairs, try out four post rope beds, examine a ceramic punch bowl, and feel the breeze off the Rappahannock River through open windows.

What is available for those who are not English language speakers?
Currently, the tours at Kenmore and Ferry Farm are not available in any language other than English. If you have a translation app on your smart phone, however, we will be happy to speak into it and allow it to translate for you.

If I see an archaeological artifact on the ground, what should I do?
You should not pick up anything that appears to be an artifact.  Note the location of the object and then notify the nearest available staff member.  For an artifact to be useful and to yield the best information, archaeologists need to know not just what it is but where it was found.

Where can I park during my visit?
At Kenmore, parking is available on Washington Avenue in front of Kenmore.
At Ferry Farm, parking is available in gravel lots next to the Visitor Center.

I lost something during my visit. What do I do?
If you think you lost the item at Kenmore, call 540-373-3381 x14.
If you think you lost the item at Ferry Farm, call 540-370-0732 x10.


Are Kenmore and Ferry Farm accessible and ADA compliant?
At Kenmore, the Crowninshield Building is accessible.  The historic home is not.
At Ferry Farm, the Visitor Center and the Washington house replica are accessible.

How much walking is there during a typical visit?
At Kenmore, the guided house tour takes about 45 minutes.  Staff can make chairs available in the house for those who may need to sit during the tour.  Visiting the entirety of the museum gallery in the Crowninshield Building and the grounds can be accomplished in about 30 minutes.  Kenmore is confined to one city block.

At Ferry Farm, the guided house tour also takes about 45 minutes.  There are numerous chairs throughout the house for anyone to use.  Getting to and from the house requires a 0.5 mile round-trip walk on a gravel path with no elevation change.  Other points of interest to see on the roughly 60-acre Ferry Farm require additional walking on gravel paths or hiking paths with elevation changes.

If there is bad weather when we visit, will be have to be outside much of the time?
Visiting Kenmore during bad weather requires only a short walk outside from the parking area along Washington Avenue into the Crowninshield Building. Another short walk outside is required to get from the gallery to the house.

If you visit Ferry Farm during bad weather, you’ll be a bit more exposed to the elements.  While the parking lots are right next to the Visitor Center, the walk between the Visitor Center and the house is 0.25 mile one way and takes about 5 minutes.

May I bring my stroller?
Strollers are not permitted in the historic houses at either Kenmore or Ferry Farm but are permitted anywhere on the grounds and in other buildings.


Do I have to use the “Combo Ticket” on the same day?
No. Simply save your receipt and present it as proof of admission paid on a day of your choosing.

Do you give discounts for groups?
Yes, we do provided there are at least 10 people and the visit has been scheduled 14 days in advance.  To schedule a group visit, email or call 540-370-0732.

May I use my National Park Pass to enter Kenmore or Ferry Farm?
No. Kenmore and Ferry Farm are not part of the National Park System and park passes are not valid for admission. Although each site has been designated a National Historic Landmark, Kenmore and Ferry Farm are privately owned and operated by The George Washington Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Are food and drink allowed?
Food or drinks are not permitted inside either of the historic houses at Ferry Farm and Kenmore and are not permitted in certain sections of the Crowninshield Building or Visitor Center at both locations.  Food and drink are permitted on the grounds and, since there are no food services available at either site, lunches or snacks brought by visitors may be enjoyed in the many shaded, grassy areas of the properties.  Please dispose of all waste in the proper containers available on the property.

Are there restaurants close by for before or after we visit?
Kenmore is a moderate walk or a very short drive away from some of Fredericksburg’s best restaurants.  Ferry Farm is just across the river from the restaurants in downtown Fredericksburg and also has a few fast food options nearby.


May I take photos or videos during my visit?
• At Kenmore, taking photos or videos inside the mansion or in the museum gallery is not permitted.  Guests may take personal photos and videos on the grounds.
• At Ferry Farm, taking photos inside the house is permitted.  Taking videos is not permitted inside the house.  Photos and videos may be taken anywhere on the grounds or in other buildings open to visitors.
• Aerial photography, and, in general, the operation of a drone, is prohibited at Kenmore and Ferry Farm.
• Photos and videos taken for personal use at either site may not be used for any commercial purpose without express written permission from The George Washington Foundation.

May I take engagement, wedding, graduation, etc. type photos at Kenmore or Ferry Farm?
Photography and filming for engagement, wedding, graduation, etc. type photos requires prior approval and a permit from The George Washington Foundation. This policy applies even if the photos or videos will not be published or otherwise used commercially. This policy applies to both professional and non-professional photographers and videographers. Photography for engagements, weddings, graduations, etc. is restricted to the grounds only – no photos or videos may be made in any interior spaces.

To request permission and secure a permit, please contact Jessica Burger at or 540-373-3381.

May I take commercial photography/videography for publication?
Please visit our Media and Press page for the answer to this question.


Are dogs allowed at Kenmore and Ferry Farm?
At Kenmore: When the site is open, dogs and owners are allowed on the grounds at no charge but the dog must be on a leash at all times. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up any waste.

At Ferry Farm: When the site is open, dogs and owners are allowed on the grounds but must be on a leash at all times. The dog owner must pay the Ferry Farm admission fee but there is no charge for the dog. Annual pass holders must check in at the Visitor Center before entering the grounds. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up any waste.

At Special Events: During special events at Kenmore and Ferry Farm, ONLY service dogs are allowed on the grounds. No other pets are permitted during special events. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up any waste.

Service dogs are allowed at Ferry Farm and Kenmore including inside all modern and historic buildings.


May I dress in 18th century or other period clothing during my visit?
Individuals or groups who wish to wear period costumes at George Washington’s Ferry Farm and Historic Kenmore are asked to observe and adhere to the following guidelines:
• Guests may not portray or resemble George Washington, Mary Washington, Fielding Lewis, Betty Lewis, or any other members of the Washington or Lewis families.
• Guests may not, in any form, interpret or perform for other Ferry Farm or Kenmore guests, outside of their party or group.
• Guests may not act, or appear to act, as a representative of George Washington’s Ferry Farm, Historic Kenmore, or The George Washington Foundation.
• George Washington’s Ferry Farm and Historic Kenmore reserve the right to refuse entry to guests in costume, if deemed inappropriate or distracting, as determined by Ferry Farm and Kenmore staff.

Does Kenmore and Ferry Farm prohibit firearms?
Guests, except law enforcement, are prohibited from bringing firearms and weapons onto The George Washington Foundation’s property.